Friday, March 1, 2019

Amazon now requires DRM to download Autorip CDs and to access

Back in 2019 January 21st Amazon let you connect to their music store without using DRM.  Now, as of 2019 March 1st Amazon has disabled the ability to use without DRM.  If you connect with Firefox with DRM disabled it requests you to enable DRM.  If you connect with Chromium it tells you to download Chrome or Firefox.  There is no link provided to just go to download the mp3 music. For digital music that is purchased, it is still possible to download it by going to Your Orders, and then to Digital Orders, but that has a strict limit on the number of times that it can be downloaded.  For Autorip CDs, there is no way to download them without enabling DRM.  Searching for Autorip DRM on Amazon's help just states that "The Digital Music Store delivers music in MP3 format ...". Unless Amazon fixes this, I will be looking for a different music store.
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